GL Renovation Services, Inc.

11334 Boggy Creek Road, Unit 115
Orlando, Fl 32824

Phone: (407) 704-6999
Fax: (407) 704-6933

Our Services

GL Renovation Services, Inc. provides knowledgeable on-site supervision for your projects throughout completion. We have experience working with hotel ownership groups, hotel project managers and third-party management companies.  We are able to execute the plan, according to the specifications and completion schedule, while simultaneously maintaining a safe environment for your guests. What does that mean? It means GL Renovation Services, Inc. values our client relationships and we understand the importance of protecting your investment and guest comfort throughout the entire renovation process. Any inconvenience to your guests is simply unacceptable to our business philosophy.

Our principals share an expertise in the areas of time, cost, scope, and risk management, as well as integration, communication, quality assurance, schedule development, and procurement. At GL Renovation Services, Inc., we encompass all of these elements thus bringing a successful completion to specific project goals and objectives. Our goal is to master our client's vision.


Expert on-site supervision at all times. This personalized supervision facilitates an open line of communication with the Hotel Management Team to ensure that the project runs smoothly and efficiently.


With extensive experience in the Hospitality Industry, and in conjunction with the plans for accuracy, we have a Customized Inspection Program to meet the requirements of all our clients FF&E installation & specification.


Our renovation services are always thorough, of the highest quality, and cost effective. GL Renovation Services, Inc. has long standing relationships with many vendors. These partners have been selected based on craftsmanship, attention to detail, cost effectiveness, quality materials, and commitment to the project and the client. As well, we are also well versed in all areas of hospitality industry compliance and continually educating ourselves on the latest, most up-to-date brand standard materials required in all areas of your property. Our crews of highly experienced professionals are always ready to provide you, our client, with efficient and excellent service.
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